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Here you will find quick tips and downloadable documents to help you in your journey.

Are you a life time learner? You will enjoy my downloadable tips and action steps to start doing better today.

Three tips to use with your kids

It’s free! Download this document to learn three tips that you can start using with your kids today. 

How to deal with anxious thoughts

Are your kids struggling with anxious thoughts? Are you? These 5 tips will help you start creating new habits to stay calm and centred. Download these tips for free now.

Divorce tips for the family


With these tools you’ll be able to work with your partner to be able to become separated parents and start figuring out the best family model for you. Kids or no kids, divorce is a big challenge that will lead you to a new beginning.

Feeling overwhelmed?


Having a career and a family with kids is sometimes a little much? Here are some of my most effective tools to manage a busy life and feel confident and happy.


See what my clients say about me.

” Val is instrumental in helping me move forward with challenging family matters. She spent the time to listen to my problems and help me get to the core of the issues. She got me to develop a few key strategies that I used to recognize behavior patterns and build a positive family dynamic.  I’m immensely thankful for all her help. I highly recommend using Val as a coach to help overcome your daily family challenges.”

– Rob

“Val was the best coach ever! I couldn’t wait for each meeting we had and I feel so grateful to her for helping me get clarity on how to start my side job as a finance consultant. Val you rock! Thank you for keeping me in check to make sure I was reaching the steps to move forward with my project!”

– Jesi

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