“As your life coach, my job is to guide you and support you on your path to your truest self.”


I love helping others through the many challenges of life. I am here to support you and guide you to reach your goals. Whatever you are going through we can figure it out together.

I became a coach to help others. My purpose is coaching people that are looking to make their lives better and have goals that may seem out of reach. After having had many challenges myself, I believe we can find a life with purpose and work through our challenges by getting clarity about who we are and what we are here to accomplish. My whole life I have had challenges and through it all I learned that we are enough and it takes passion and love to live the life we really want. It is possible to persist through our challenges, learn, and have the life we dream.

Clarity Call

Call me for a free clarity session to get clear about your goals. I will help you understand how coaching will serve you to move forward towards what you want, either if it’s tackling parenting challenges, losing weight, or just feeling better every day in your life as it is. After the call, you will have a better idea of what your goal is and a concrete action plan to get closer to it right away. There is absolutely no obligation. If you are like me, you hate to be sold stuff that you don’t know you want. Don’t worry, I won’t sell you anything. This call will be a coaching session focused on you and your needs only. I will be so happy to get to know you and work together towards your goal. Click below to book a call today!

What is coaching?

Coaching is very popular these days and there is a very good reason for that: we live our lives almost in autopilot and when we find challenges we feel lost. In that mind frame, it’s also very common to not ask ourselves what do we really want until we feel it’s too late to change. There is no manual to go through life and our closest relatives are not always the best guides or examples. This is how it was for me and even if I have great friends, they too are facing their own challenges and can’t spend time figuring out my life and theirs.

A coach is there to listen to you and work with you to find the right tools to get the results you want. It could be that you feel stuck in a job that pays the bills but doesn’t fulfill you, or your relationship seems to grow colder every day and you can’t see what else you can do, or maybe your kids have taken over your family decisions and you only react to the latest tantrum, or you are desperately trying to juggle studies, work, relationships, healthy choices and feel you are dropping balls left and right. I have been there and I can help you find a solution, change, or just make things enjoyable again.

I am here to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, make a career move that scares you, become the mom or dad that can support their teenage kids navigate the difficulties of high school and growing up to be an adult. Through a few meetings we can work together and lay out the different solutions available for your specific need. When I say work, that is exactly what it is. We will create together the ideal conditions for you to work towards the result you are seeking and I will guide you to success. Just to clarify a little more, I am going to add here the list of what coaching is NOT:

  • Coaching is not therapy
  • Coaching is not magic
  • Coaching is not useless meetings with no results
  • Coaching is not a pair of pink glasses

In coaching we learn from the past and act in the present by looking to the future. Your past informs the present situation and it helps us understand it. The work we will do together in the present will result in actions you will test as we go and adjust to your specific situation. You are in charge and I will empower you to create the life you are seeking. I can’t wait to meet you!

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