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Hi, I’m Val Maurer. I’m a mom of two, a coach and a writer. Everything in my life has lead me to this moment when I’m committed to help as many families as possible to create the life they love and desire. I love solving problems and I believe that we can choose to live a fulfilled and happy life through our everyday actions. Here you can learn about my books and projects. Get on the list of fans to receive special content about my upcoming books. Thanks for visiting!

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Book of Relationship Patterns by Val Maurer.

This is the first book in a series of Life Coaching Stories. In my experience as a life coach I found that many people struggle with the same issues over and over. The details may differ but mostly the underlying patterns keep showing up in every relationship. This first book shows the underlying relationship patterns in three stories based on clients’ stories and how we uncovered the patterns to be able to break free from them.

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