Exciting News! Coaching Program: Self-Care Goddess

In this program I show you how to make time for yourself to feel better and have more energy to tackle your busy schedule. Do you feel you run from one task to the next and you don’t have time to even think? You know what you’re missing: time to recharge.

Believe me, I was there: doing it all after my divorce, thinking I could do everything and keep things going as if nothing had happened. But one night, as I was preparing dinner, I felt so overwhelmed and tired. The kids were fighting again and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I collapsed to the floor and started sobbing quietly. What was happening? Why was I so overwhelmed?

The answer was right in front of me: I was not taking care of myself. The days I had the kids with me I was running after them and when they would go to the father’s house I would do everything I didn’t do while they were with me. So the more it went, the worse I got: I was more and more tired and overwhelmed. As moms and professionals we find it very easy to get busy with everything that needs to be done, find solutions to all problems, and then some. But we struggle with taking a pause, checking in and taking care of ourselves.

This program is designed exactly to help you put yourself high on the list of priorities. The one person that can make the most difference in you life is… you guessed it! YOU! So you need to take care of yourself as well as, and even better, than you take care of your kids and your job. In this program, I’ll help you find exactly what you desire, because most of the time we have no idea what it is and we just keep running around helping everybody else. You’ll learn how to make time to take care of yourself and create habits that will sustain your lifestyle and your own care. Finally, by putting yourself first you’ll get in touch with your worth and your whole life will improve.

The program is 4 weeks and you get a video a week to work at your own pace, and we have 2 calls, one at the beginning to get to know each other and one at the end to assess your progress and clarify any questions.

Take action today! Click the link below and register to receive all the details. You deserve this! Don’t wait any longer to realize you are worth it and taking care of yourself will impact your whole family. Let’s work together!

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