Webinar Master your anxious thoughts – Video Replay

The webinar replay is ready!

In this webinar I will give you tools for mastering the anxious thoughts. Why the thoughts? Well, the truth is that our anxiety can be created by external and internal factors. The external one are easy to identify: anything that might put us in danger in our future or makes us feel uncertain about our safety in the future. An example would be, if you’re in the woods and you hear a noise behind you you’ll be anxious because it could be a bear. So this is an external cause of anxiety, and we can identify it easily and as soon as we see there’s no bear, the anxiety goes away. We deal with it externally. The internal causes are mainly our thoughts when they focus on something in the future without real facts to support it. This type of anxiety causing thoughts are the ones we want to keep on check and master to minimize the triggering without a real cause. Because these thoughts are not based on facts that we can check, it’s harder to calm down the anxiety cause by them, since we’re left to our own imagination.

Just a quick list of the emotions that can arise under stress: anxiety, panic, terror, fear, confusion, irritation, anger. These are some of the emotions that cause the fight or flight reaction in our body. Just to give you a quick definition of what an emotion is, I took this one from the book Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski: Involuntary neurological (it involves the whole nervous system) response that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. They have a cycle that takes place in your body. So the emotion that we can be rationalized, is not just in our head, it’s also affecting and involving our whole body. Some body reactions are crying, shivering, feeling a hot wave in your gut, etc. But the key idea in this definition is the idea of the cycle. The Nagoski sisters say that once the cycle starts, you need to let it complete the cycle till the end. They describe emotions as going through a tunnel, you need to go through the emotion to come out of it. And in my course I will include some of the ways to complete the cycle for some emotions.

Like I mentioned above it’s harder to deal with the stressors created by our own thoughts. And that’s why I want to give you today some tools to calm down those stressors that are ‘created’ by your thoughts and are internal and not external. The anxious thoughts that I’ll be talking about in this webinar are:

  • Obsessive thinking: how is it possible? I always do the same!
  • Catastrophizing: we think the worst right away, if she didn’t call me back it’s because she died!
  • Shaming: blaming who you are instead not blaming something you did
  • Self-criticism: attacking yourself and your choices harshly, you’re the worst friend ever!

You can watch the video below and start using the tools right away.

I hope this helps you control the anxious thoughts and keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming Live course with more tips to master your anxious mind. Registration will begin on Monday, November 9.

Have a great day!

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