Why I became a coach

Get to know your coach

Today I want to share why I became a coach. We all do things based on our own experience, right? Becoming a coach for me is directly connected to a moment in my life when I needed help. Right after my ex husband broke the news to me that our marriage was over, I reached out to a therapist because I didn’t want to fall into a depression, especially having two young daughters that were completely relying on me. The therapist was very helpful and after three sessions he told me that I wasn’t depressed and that it was normal to feel the way I was feeling due to the huge change that I was going through. The sessions were over.

I was happy I wasn’t clinically depressed, but I was still feeling terribly sad and worried out of my mind thinking what our life was going to be like in the future. First, I wanted to make sure I was able to keep taking care of my kids and second, I wanted to figure out how to come out of this marriage with some plan for the future. As I was watching my whole life crumble to pieces at my feet, I was worried about having the energy and mindset to make the right decisions for my family going forward. At that time of my life I wished I had known about coaching and I would have reached out to receive more help and guidance. Not being depressed was great, but I had so much more to figure out and even my own feelings and identity was taking a huge blow. We came out on the other side years later and life was good again but the extra help would have helped make better decisions earlier.

That’s why today I am a certified coach to be able to provide that extra help and guidance to people going though big changes, or small changes to be able to process feelings and thoughts in a contained way that will allow you to move forward with extra confidence and loving care.

Call me for a free clarity session. Let’s do it together!

Happy day to all!

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