Webinar: Master your anxious thoughts

I’m so happy to announce that today, December 19, at 2 pm ET, I’m going live in Instagram with a repeat of my webinar to help you master your anxious thoughts. I’ll also talk a little on how to apply the same techniques with your kids. I will announce after the webinar the launch of my mini-course to train yourself to use tools to master your anxious mind. As we master our mind we gain control over emotions like fear and anxiety.

I’m very excited about this because it’s part of my main theme to set up healthy habits to have a more balanced and happy life. All parents can benefit from tools that will help them identify the moment the anxious thoughts arise, but also set in place coping strategies that will be ready to use in any of these moments.

The mini-course will be affordable to all because I want to help as many families as possible, especially in times like these when we are all feeling uncertain and fearful. And the reason why I’ll charge for the mini-course is because I want people to commit to the tools and get all the benefits by working towards having healthy habits.

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